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The Recology mission represents a fundamental shift from traditional waste management to resource recovery. We seek to eliminate waste by developing and discovering sustainable resource recovery practices that can be implemented globally.

This begins by creating a resource ecosystem – one that both protects the environment and sustains the local community. It’s a ‘closed loop’ ecosystem that makes it possible for the communities Recology serves to achieve high landfill diversion and meet sustainability goals.


Collection – Identify the needs of the community and propose and implement programs to collect and process materials.

Recovery – Design sorting strategies, deploy a three-bin system, and establish outreach and education programs.

Processing – Build infrastructure that includes machinery and technologies to extract and sort raw materials.

Marketing & Commodities – Ensure that recycled commodities are sold to manufacturers that will create further recyclable consumer goods.

GROW with us!

It takes a team of dedicated people to create positive change. Our teams are continuously working to find solutions to global waste issues – and they’re nothing short of dedicated. Think you’re a fit? Let us know!

Working at Recology

Recology is an integrated resource recovery company providing materials collection, processing, commodity sales, and outreach and education to customers throughout California, Oregon, and Washington. Recology finds new ways to process and reuse what was once considered waste, collecting and recovering recyclables to be re-purposed into new products. Recology employs over 3,600 community members to work at over 60 offices and facilities. We live by the following terms to make sure everyone at Recology GROWs:

Giving back to our communities and our environment by volunteering time and resources.

Recovering resources to achieve their best and highest use.

Owning a company that does the right things for the right reasons, ensuring that our actions benefit the company, the communities we serve, and our environment.

Working together to develop camaraderie & facilitate collaboration; we get the job done by demonstrating an inclusive attitude that values different backgrounds and ideas.

Employee Ownership Culture

As the largest 100% employee owned company in the resource recovery industry, Recology has a unique workplace culture that guides how it supports employees, interacts with customers, services its communities, and cares for the environment.

Recology has a long history of employee ownership, with each employee owning one share of stock when the company started in 1919. In 1986 and 1987, the preceding companies of Recology merged in a series of transactions that placed ownership in the hands of the Recology Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). In addition to providing an ownership interest in the company, the ESOP provides employees with a supplemental retirement plan.

As a 100% employee owned company, Recology understands that employees’ individual and collective hard work and dedication will lead directly to the success of the company in the long term.

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